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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Will Archie Choose Betty or Veronica?

While both girls have their virtues, the odds favor Betty and she does seem like the best bet on the surface. After all, how will Archie ever provide for himself, let alone provide the lifestyle that Veronica is accustomed to? No, Archie needs a strong, solid woman who isn't afraid to work hard and support her man. In addition to Archie's practical needs, the writers will also be considering their readers. Given Americans love/hate relationship with do-nothing heiresses, it doesn't seem smart to alienate audiences by choosing the girl who engenders such ambivalence over the girl who engenders such devotion.

Then again where will the story go if Archie marries Betty? If he chooses Veronica, there are countless duck out of water options available as Archie and Veronica try to be partners to each other in worlds uncomfortable to both of them. Think that Veronica is the woman who will walk away with the prize that is Archie? The payoff is almost double at Bookmaker.

Archie will choose to marry Betty -150
Archie will choose to marry Veronica +110

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