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Friday, May 15, 2009

Who Will Win American Idol 2009?

With just two contestants remaining, sports books have their money on long time favorite, Adam Lambert. However, I think that bettors should consider the Gokey factor. Fans of Gokey have proven themselves to be outspoken, salt of the earth types who are not likely to join the Adam fan club. Will they be so disengaged from Gokey's loss that they won't view or call in? Or, will they call in and vote for Kris in order to show their distaste for his competitor?

If you want to bet for Allen, Bookmaker has some good odds.

Adam Labert -300
Kris Allen +250
Both Bookmaker and Bodog favor Adam. If you favor him too, Bodog's line is a little better.

Adam Lambert 5/14 (-280)
Kris Allen 11/5 (+220)

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