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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Next Player Suspended for Doping by the MLB

Bookmaker is taking bets on who will be suspended by the MLB for violation of their drug policy. For obvious reasons, A-Rod is a clear doping favorite (based on the lines). Reading the lines at face value, Adrian Beltre is also suspect. While he has never been charged, nor formally accused, Beltre did show up for his 2004 spring training with a 20 pound weight gain. He also managed twice as many home runs in his contract year than in his career average (average minus miracle year). Beltre denies every having used steroids while David Oritz claims he cannot confirm or deny drug enhancement use as he doesn't know if he has accidentally taken an MLB banned substance (If only we could all request judgment based on intention). Finally, Delgado and Greinke haven't been associated with any scandals, but they have both had amazing and seemingly inexplicable turnarounds.

Bookmaker has Derek Jeter listed as the least likely to be suspended, but Ryan Howard also seems very unlikely. Not only does he have a squeaky clean record, but Howard has also become the golden boy of clean play, getting tons of media love for following the rules.

A-Rod +300
Alfonso Soriano +650
Zach Greinke +900
David Oritz +500
Ryan Howard +600
Albert Pujols +600
Adrian Beltre +375
Carlos Delgado +500
Derek Jeter +1100

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