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Monday, May 04, 2009

Next Animal Flu in 2009 Will Be...

Yes, sportsbooks are taking odds on the next strain of influenza. Bookmaker has lines on the following animals: Duck, Horse, Camel and Elephant, - all at +300. Which animal is the best bet?

Well, the WHO has pointed out that influenza, infections diseases and epidemics have all been on the rise - more than ever before. Many scientists link the rise in diseases and viruses to an increase in human travel and the industrialization of animal agricultural practices. Horses and ducks seem to be the only creatures from the Bookmaker list associated with the agricultural industrial complex. Horses may be a good bet because they produce larger quantities of the fecal matter scientists observe animals continuously expel and inhale, creating a vicious cycle of respiratory transmission. Ducks may be a good bet as well since aquatic birds comprise one of the largest pools of influenza viruses on earth.

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