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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

MTV Movie Awards

You can wager on who will win at MTV's May 31st ceremony at BetUs or Bookmaker (BetUS has more exhaustive options).

Best Villain: Heath Ledger is as close to a sure thing as it gets.
It looks like Heath Ledger is such a favorite that betting $100 will only get you a $10 return if you win. After all, what young person can resist a talented, beautiful artist whose life ends in self destruction via drug use? The odds speak for themselves -1000.

Best Comedic Performance: James Franco (Pineapple Express)seems like a solid choice.
Franco is irresistible in general, but in a role he was born to play? Forget about it. James Franco +175

Best Female Performance: Kristen Stewart
The other ladies are fabulous and would have a much better chance winning at other awards ceremonies, but the MTV awards are all about the young and Kristen Stewart is the nominee who best fist the age demographic of the average MTV viewer. Not to mention the fact that "Twilight" was a much more popular teen movie than, say "Benjamin Button" or "The Reader" (movies which also have female stars up for the award).

There are lots of other wagers such as Best Movie, Best Male Performance, Best Kiss, Best Fight, Best WTF Moment and Best Song.

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