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Friday, May 29, 2009

Kiefer Sutherland on the Wrong Side of the Law (Again)

It seems that Kiefer Sutherland has been as impervious to harm as his 24 character, Jack Bauer. Having a Canadian play one of the most patriotic characters on American television today is remarkable enough by itself. Combine that with the fact that Sutherland seems to be constantly getting super drunk and then a. getting arrested or b. making the headlines for acting like a complete fool and it is a miracle that his ability to assume the role of the ever disciplined Bauer hasn't been compromised. His latest shenanigans involve head butting a fashion designer because of what Jack (Whoops! I meant Kiefer) perceived to be a threat (Whoops! I meant insult) to The First Lady (Whoops! I meant Brooke Shields). He has, as a result, been charged with assault.

BetUS has lines on whether or not Sutherland will be arrested again in 2009. They have more faith in him than I do.

Will Kiefer Sutherland be arrested again in 2009?
Yes +150
No -200

A quick review of his rap sheet...
1989 and 1993 charged with DUIs and reckless driving. Plead guilty to reckless driving, DUIs were dropped.
2004 drinking and driving offense
2007 drinking and driving (while still on probation for his 2004 offense)
2009 assault charge (while still on probation for his 2007 offense).

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