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Thursday, May 07, 2009

It Bags - Inspired by Gossip Girl - Paid for by American Idol

Just as CW is changing the face of television revenue, so too is Gossip Girl changing the face of fashion. GG is one of a number of shows on the CW that make up for their lackluster ratings with stunning product placement revenues. While ratings for the show have been modest, it is widely considered the most powerful fashion influencer on TV today. Not only do stores quickly sell out of items seen on the show, fashion designers are also admitting that the preppy chic personified by the characters is influencing their lines. Whether you are a fan of classic Lily or bohemian Serena, keeping up with the Van Der Woodsons isn't easy with the ladies of GG changing their handbags (ranging from $2,000 to $17,000) at least once an episode.

What are we non-upper east siders to do? What we must...Rely on wit and our knowledge of American Idol to get a Balenciaga bag on our arm. Bodog is still taking bets on who will win. Will it be Adam, Danny or Kris? Just make sure it is you. Check out detailed line information from Bodog and get a 10% Bonus on your initial deposit.



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