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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Jen's a Big Brother H8ter!

I don't see how anyone can't be enjoying this season of Big Brother 8! Seriously, it's great so far. The mixture of personalities and dramatic situations is more than I ever could have dreamed it to be!

This past week, Danielle won the Power of Veto. I was hoping she'd pull down Amber or Carol and replace one of them with Jen: the deJENerate. Jen is completely ridiculous. How old do you have to be before you gain some self respect and stop measuring your self worth by the opinions of giant-bicep males?

Anyway, Danielle opted to leave the pot alone instead of stirring it up for more action. And, by the way things panned out in the Head of Household competition - I think her decision may come back to bite her in the butt. Her new rival, Jen, won the coveted safe position this week. Jen is madly jealous of Danielle's looks and relationship/friendship with Nick. And given that she doesn't seem capable of making decisions that aren't solely based on her emotions ('cause G-d knows she doesn't have much of a brain to work with) Danielle could be nominated for eviction this week.

I applaud Eric for completing America's first task. He's great! Things are going to get sticky, though, when he starts trying to make alliances within the house, and at the same time has to fulfill the wishes of America on the outside. I hope he can stand the heat because I'd hate to see him leave the house anytime soon.

Tonight, the madness continues! We will find out who Jen nominates. My guess is that her
"strategy" will involve nominating Danielle against Nick. Jen will then be waiting in the wings for Nick to come running to her to save him and then they will fall madly in love and skip out of the house holding hands whistling to the tune of love. (yeh right!) Check out the latest odds for Big Brother 8 at Bodog!!

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