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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

War of the Colas

BetOnSports sez: A couple of months ago Pepsi executives received a letter where a Coca Cola mole identifying himself as "Dirk," boasted about being employed at a high level with Coca-Cola and offered to sell "very detailed and confidential information.".
In a shocking twist that would make any Hollywood screen writer proud, Pepsi executives decided to share this information with Coca Cola, who in turn shared it with the FBI.

The FBI hence launched an investigation that climaxed when 2 Coke executives where arrested while attempting to sell corporate secrets for 1.5 million dollars.

With the full aftermath of the affair yet to come, is offering multiple betting odds on what the conclusion of this incident will be, so join in the fun and enjoy the full online wagering experience provides, while you follow the conclusion of this new chapter in the infamous War of the Colas.

If the FBI's involved, you that's gonna be juicy. Throw down some scrilla and see what happens!


posted by Kari at 12:22 PM

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