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Friday, July 28, 2006

Updates Odds for So You Think You Can Dance and BB All Stars

It's no lie, my heart skipped a beat last night when my secret boyfriend Travis was in the bottom two on So You Think You Can Dance. But according to the official odds, Travis still has a chance to win, though everybody thinks the smart money is on Benji. I though Travis was the victim of a bad dance draw: nobody ever did the quickstep well and that hip hop routine was just...confusing. And honestly, SHOCKED when Allison went home. What's up with that? She was near perfect. Anyway, Bodog has updated odds up as follows:

Benji: The favorite to win at 2 to 3. And how could you not love him after that crazy broadway number?

Travis: Behind at 5 to 2. Please just let him last another week! He's so pretty!

Donyelle: Still in it at 3 to 1. What's sad about this is, ,I love her, but Natalie is so much a better dancer and doesn't even have a chance to win this.

Ivan and Natalie are the long shots, each at 12 to 1. But didn't we all love Ivan's hip hop number last week? So cute.

Click here to see all the contestant odds at Bodog.

Over in the Big Brother All Stars house, Will and Boogie avoided eviction for another week. How does THAT happen? But yet again a cast member from BB6 is Head of Household. You have to think it'll be a BB6 member who wins. The official odds say pretty much nobody has a shot other than Erika or Janelle. The odds shake down like this:

James: The quiet-threat favorite at 3 to 1
Janelle: Right behind James at 4 to 1
Erika: Poised to make a move at 5 to 1

And then nobody else is even listed above 11 to 2 (Kaysar). So if you think somebody other than the top three could pull off a win here, there's money to be made. Will is at 18 to 1, Boogie is at 12 to 1, Diane is at 15 to 1. There's lots of money if one of them finds a way to maneuver to the win.

Click here to see all the BB All Stars odds at Bodog.

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