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Friday, July 14, 2006

Treasure Hunters (Or Amazing Race Light)

Yeah, I'm a sucker. I'm watching it and I LOVE IT. Let's discuss the official odds from over at Bodog.

Bodog's got two teams favored at even money: The Geniuses and Air Force. I think we all know that, personally, I want to see Air Force win. But I've watched enough TV to know that it's hardly ever, ever the actual best team that wins one of these things. People will gun for them from the beginning and eventually get them. Air Force has no hope. The Geniuses could win this, it's true. But a lot will depend on whether they go back for their third teammate. I'll tell you this, it doesn't take a genius to know that you will be at a disadvantage later if you suddenly become a two person team.

Where I think there's value is with the Southie Boys or the Ex Cia who are both posted at 7 to 2. Not fantastic, but you can make some money there, and both those teams are playing smart games of creating alliances when they need too but cutting throats when they need to too. I'd look there for value.

To see the most up to date odds plus odds on the Fogal Family, Miss USA and the Brown Family, click here.

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