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Monday, July 10, 2006

Ryan Star: Hot. Ryan Starr: Not

If you were a rock singer, and you were going on a reality TV show to compete to be the lead singer of a band of SERIOUS ROCKERS (or at least as serious as you can be when you're looking for your lead singer on a Mark Burnett reality TV show), and you had the same name as a "rock" singer who had previously appeared on a "pop" singing competition -- Wouldn't you change your name?

Not so Ryan Star of Rockstar: Supernova! So what if you have the same name, sans one letter, of reality show whore Ryan Starr of American Idol. The confusion over name recognition between you, Ryan Star: Serious Rocker, and her, Ryan Starr: Attention Grabbing Reality Personality, should not in anyway impact your ability to get in that band with Tommy Lee and friends.

Change your name, moron.

Though, you know, you're hot, and that may be enough. Bodog has Ryan Star at 6 to 1, putting him right in the top part of the pack. If you listen to Bodog, Magni is likely to win at 3 to 1 and Jill is the long shot at 20 to 1. Click here to see ALL of the Bodog odds for Rockstar: Supernova.

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