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Monday, July 31, 2006

Last Comic Standing: The Woman is the Loooong Shot

Last Comic Standing wraps up soon, and if you have a feeling on who the winner will be, there's still time to get your dollars down over at Bodog. And if you think anybody other than Chris Porter will win, you can make some dollars!

Chris Porter is at 1 to 2. Probably not worth your time if you think the heavy favorite has it wrapped up.

Josh Blue is at 11 to 10. That's not wild odds, but if you think he can pull it off, you can still make some money on him.

Michelle Balan is the long shot at 9 to 1. Personally, I don't think she's all that funny, but she's the only woman left which may be an advantage. You make 9x your money back if she wins.

Ty Barnett is at 6 to 1. He's my favorite, but I'm not sure he's "different" enough to win. We've seen those jokes before, you know?

Click here to get your bets in at Bodog before it's too late!

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posted by pregamejocelyn at 2:12 PM

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