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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Jakey, Matthew, and Lance. Awww.

Mr. Jakey-Pie has been hanging out quite a bit with Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConaghey lately, doing a lot of running and cycling. And he was hanging out on the beach with Natalie Portman the other day. But, everyone's pretty much figured out little Jakey bats for the other team, so the rumors are flying. Bodog wants to know: Who will Jake Gyllenhaal be publicly photographed kissing first?

Kiss must be on the lips to be considered.

Lance Armstrong 3/1
Matthew McConaughey 2/1
Natalie Portman 1/3

Honestly, I'd put it down on McConaughey first. It's because of the hair plugs.

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posted by Kari at 1:27 PM

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