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Monday, July 17, 2006

Dance, We Said!

Oh, believe me when I say I'm watching every episode of So You Think You Can Dance (because I Heart Travis). You've got to love a show where folks dance for survival (I Heart Travis). I love the Fox execs who greenlit this (I Heart Travis). Anyway, Bodog has odds up! Here's a sampling:

The favorites:
Benji Schwimmer is at 2 to 1 and (I Heart) Travis is at 3 to 1, out ahead of the pack. If you're thinking a girl can pull it off, Allison Holker is at 4 to 1.

The long shots:
Cutie Ivan is the longest shot at 15 to 1, but Dmitry's abs aren't far behind at 14 to 1. Martha Nichols rounds out the "not so likely to win" group at 14 to 1.

Click here to see all of the contestant's odds and bet on your favorite (who'd better be Travis).

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