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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Danielle is SASSY!

America's Next Top Model - Cycle 6 is getting down to the finalists, and the odds are tighter than Jade's eye crinkles. At Bodog, it's not too late to put down some dollars on your favorite model-soon-to-be-Surreal Life - cast member.

Here are the odds:

Jade at 3 to 1: She's here to be America's Next Top Model, not America's Next Top Best Friend.

Sara at 7 to 1: Yawn.

Furonda at at 8 to 1: She's the poor man's Danielle.

Danielle at even money: And we LOVE her! Not only do we hope she wins because we LOVE her, but we hope she wins because it will be the first time ever an ANTM winner had an actual personality. I'd watch Danielle's talk show before I'd watch Tyra's.

Joanie at 3 to 2: She's from Beaver Falls, PA! Go Joanie! I mean, for real. She's very pretty.

Think you know who's going to be the next Adrian Curry, soon to be whisked away to exotic locations to shoot celebrealty shows for VH1? Get your bet on at Bodog.

Click to bet on America's Next Top Model, Cycle 6.

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