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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Amazing Race is Coming to the Finish Line

So as much as we want Tyler and BJ the hippies to win, they're not the favorites, and they probably shouldn't be. If you think you know who's going to cross the finish line first, Bodog has odds. Now, sure, everybody seems close, but there's still a chance to win cash here!

Tyler and BJ at Even Money: Right. They probably shouldn't even be at even money since they've been in last place and saved only by it being a non-elimination week TWICE in the last month. But how awesome would it be if the boys could pull out a win?

Yolanda and Ray at 2 to 1: They'll have to stop arguing long enough to focus on the win, but if they do you can double up your money.

Jeremy and Eric at 3 to 2: And frat houses across the nation put their money down! Jeremy and Eric are the most motivated and hard core competitors, and even though they're not the favorites, they're the HollyWagers pick to step it up during the last legs of the race and come home the victors.

Monica and Joseph at 1 to 2: They're the favorites and have dropped below even money. We think their luck can't hold up, but a cool name like MoJo helps!

Wanna put $10 on your pick to win The Amazing Race? Click to bet at Bodog!

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