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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Today You Missed Out on Jen's Boobs

Okay, you didn't really miss out on Jennifer Anniston's boobs, but if you're not on the HollyWagers Weekly email list, you did miss out on a can't-lose bet on whether Jen will win her court case against the "journalist" who snapped pictures of her sunbathing topless.

So join the list so you can always have the hottest action. Or come back tomorrow to find out about the bet.

In other news, as we think about 2006 and the happiness of the new year, you can bet on which celebrities will divorce in the new year. This week's featured couple? David Beckham and Victoria "Posh Spice." At BetOnSports, odds are against it at +500 (a 16% chance that they'll get the Big-D). If you think the odds are higher than 16% that the Beckham's will call it quits, click the "Betting Lines" link on the left-hand side and then click "Sports Celebrities" in the lower right hand corner.

Click if you think the chance of Posh and her pretty hubby breaking up is more than 16%!

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