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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Judd calls his team "scumbags," Trump Hearts Randal and You Could Have Made Cash Off Of Oprah

It's 11:40pm, and any minute now Oprah is coming on Letterman and not only am I excited to see this go down, but I actually bet on what Dave would do over at Bodog. So come on, Oprah. Come on!

Even without this, it's been one of the best night's of TV you can bet on EVER.

On Survivor, Judd went home. And he went home after he gave us two of the most fantastic TV moments I could ever ask for. Did you watch? Did you see? First, it was oh so good, during the immunity challenge (which I didn't understand -- an auction?), Jeff Probst in the embarassing-to-you-AND-me way that he does, points at his temple and taps his head and actually says "You'll need smarts for this one." It's embarassing enough to watch Probst act the fool, but the best moment was after he says "You'll need smarts for this one" and the camera cuts to Judd rolling his eyes like HE KNOWS HE'S NOT SMART. So funny.

Better than that? Judd gets voted out and leaves saying, "You're all scumbags." Dude, come on. You were ready to cut Lydia's throat. She was part of your alliance too, remember? You got gamed, sucker.

So Danni, the favorite, makes a move. But Rafe is looking pretty good to me right now at 5 to 1 odds. So you win $5 for every $1 you bet, and if he makes it into the final two, he's going to win for sure. Stephenie's at 7 to 2, and she's got a good shot too if she can make it that far. If Cindy or Lydia are in the final two, people will probably feel like they didn't bring enough game to deserve to be there. Danni may be the favorite, but it's just a long shot that she'll get that far. For the record, Judd was at 9 to 2 when he got voted off. Guess the oddsmakers figured what we did. He was too annoying to win this thing.

Click to see all the Survivor odds at Bodog.

And on The Apprentice: Donald, another brilliant moment. Bill Rancik guest spots on the show even though there's not a person in America who doesn't prefer George to Bill. Felicia and Alla are on a team together, a team I liked to call Team PMS, and they're bickering like, well, women with PMS. Then the camera cuts to Bill. He's in the traditional high school jock senior portrait pose. He's got one leg up and he's leaning over with his arm resting on his leg. Imagine it. Anyway, he smirks and says, "Felicia seems to be having trouble managing Alla." But we know what he means. He means, "Look at me, I'm the only real apprentice ever. Silly women." It was wonderful.

And in the inevitable, Randal's team wins and the crazy women go to the board room and both get fired. And I don't often challenge Trump, but Alla shouldn't have been fired. Really. So now it's down to Randal at 5 to 6, so you should have bet him last week when he was at even money, and Rebecca at even money. And it's been painfully evident for the entire season that Randal will win unless he completely ruins his final task. You should have bet him last week when he was even money!

Okay, Oprah just came on. She looks stunning, as always, and here's how you could have won cash. Bodog had the following odds up all week:

How will David Letterman greet Oprah Winfrey when she appears on The Late Show December 1, 2005?

  • With a hug and kiss on cheek (3 to 2)
  • With a handshake, hug, and kiss on the cheek (11 to 5)
  • With a handshake and kiss on cheek (3 to 1)
  • With only a hug (5 to 1)
  • With only a handshake (7 to 1)
  • With a handshake and a hug (6 to 1)
  • With a hug and a kiss on the lips (15 to 1)
  • With a jump on his couch (20 to 1)
  • No physical contact whatsoever (50 to 1)

Here's the thing, I was watching, but I couldn't tell if there was a kiss on the cheek or not. There was definitely a hug, so if you had bet "With only a hug" you got 5 to 1 on the money you bet. And if there was a kiss on the cheek, and there might have been, you still made $3 for every $2 you bet. And those were the obvious choices.

What a night of TV! Bodog's got great entertainment bets going on right now. Click to check them out.

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