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Monday, December 12, 2005

And so it was Danni!

Who was the favorite at Bodog all along. I'm shocked that there's not a line up already to bet on how soon she'll appear in Playboy, because all that silicone she must have had shot up in her lips better be good for something.

I won. I hedged and bet Danni and Rafe. In case you missed my logic, it was that Danni could beat Lydia and Stephenie in a final two. Rafe could beat Lydia and Stephenie in a final two. And if the final two were Rafe and Danni, then one of them would have to win and there was no way for me to lose money. So I won money. Then I lost it all again playing poker at a Christmas party, so go figure.

It's about time to shift to Oscar lines and Grammy lines. I know, it feels so far off. But you can already see a bunch of them at Bodog. Check it out. Because to review, Mariah Carey is the FAVORITE to win album of the year. And I'm not okay with that.

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