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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Palin for Pit Bull Breeder

No matter how you feel about Sarah Palin, you have to give the woman credit for knowing how to stretch her 15 minutes. I mean, how many other failed Veep candidates can the average person even name? Now ask yourself how many of Palin's children you can name.

Her fame is so great that even the sportsbooks have taken notice.

Bookmaker has the following odds on Sarah's next move:

She will host her own TV talk show +500
She will star in adult films +2000
She will run for office +150
She will sign a book deal +100
She will be a dedicated hockey mom +600
She will be David Letterman's sidekick +700
She will become a pit bull breeder +500

So, yeah, Bookmaker thinks it is more likely that Palin will breed pit bulls than become a dedicated hockey mom... Harsh.

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posted by Mary at 12:28 PM

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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Which American Idol Star's 1st Album Will Debut Highest on the Billboard Top 200?

While Adam Lambert may have lost American Idol 8, we think he will be the winner of this bet. Adam is approachable enough that you want to smile when he smiles and yet retains enough mystery to be intriguing. His classic safe features are combined with just the right amount of gender bending fashion edge to make Midwesterners take notice. And, most importantly, he has a charisma when performing that makes the audience feel this is what he was born to gets completely wrapped up in the moment when watching Lambert on stage because he is something that Allen and Gokey are not. They are singers while Adam is a performer. Lambert may or may not have the longest/most impressive career of the three, but his intrigue combined with the fact that many of his fans flames of devotion were fueled by Allen taking the crown mean that he has a good chance of debuting on the Billboard at the top of his American Idol 8 class.

Bodog has the odds at

Kris Allen 21/20 or $105 profit on $100 bet
Adam Lamber 20/27 or $74 profit on $100 bet
Danny Gokey 10/1 or $1000 profit on $100 bet

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posted by Mary at 10:31 AM

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wll Jay-Z's New Album Bluepring 3 Debut at #1?

If the past is any indication of the future, then the answer is yes. Only The Beatles have had more albums debut at #1 (Elvis shares 2nd place with Jay-Z). Apparently, the sportsbooks have a lot of faith in Jay-Z too. Winning a $100 bet that he will debut at #1 will only get you about $18 in profit...winning a $100 bet that he will not debut at #1? $375 profit

Bodog has the odds at

Yes (Blueprint 3 will debut at #1) -550
No (Blueprint 3 will not debut at #1) +375

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posted by Mary at 11:38 AM

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Perez VS The Peas

The story of the drama between The Black Eyed Peas and Perez Hilton has gotten pretty convoluted, but here are the basics:

1. Perez hates on The Peas new album on his blog
2. Various Peas verbally confront Perez
3. Peas' manager punches Perez
4. Openly gay Perez calls Will.I.Am a "faggot" (put that shoe on the other foot and see just how ugly it looks).
5. Perez makes a whiny, dogmatic and indulgent video blog and sues The Peas' manager for 25k. Yes, 25k for pain and suffering.
6. The ads on Perez's site when the whiny, dogmatic and indulgent video came out? You guessed it...Ads for The Black Eyed Peas new album were plastered all over the place.

So, you may be thinking that this was all done for publicity. Sportsbook has the odds right there with you...

They will admit it was all for publicity +100. Though this being a publicity stunt seems quite possible, the idea that anyone involved will admit that seems very unlikely.

Punching Perez becomes a trend +300

Perez or Will.I.Am are going to discuss this on a talk show +200. This seems like the best bet. After all, The Peas are promoting their new album and Perez is one of those pseudo famous people who is constantly trying to get the attention of, well, anyone.

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posted by Mary at 11:58 AM

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Lovin'

Yes, it is officially summer, the time for drinking mojitos, eating blueberries and prop betting on babies and divorces. Let's start with the babies. Bodog has a few lines on Gisele and Kendra Willkinson's (Girl Next Door) upcoming deliveries. They have even odds on whose baby will weight more at birth (both at -115). Gisele is
5'10" and 125-130 pounds and her football playing baby daddy (Tom Brady) weighs in at 225 while Kendra is reported to be 5'4" and 115-120 lbs and her football playing baby daddy (Hank Basket) weights in at 220. While genetics are a little more complicated than simple math, Gisele looks like a good bet.

You can also bet on the gender of the babies.

Kendra Willkinson's baby

Boy -120
Girl -120

Gisele's baby

Boy -120
Girl -110

Moving on to divorces, Bookmaker is taking bets on who will split up next. According to their odds, Will Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett are the couple on the list with the most staying power. Couples who may be in for a rocky road ahead include Sean Penn & Robin Wright Penn as well as Pete Wentz & Ashley Simpson. Smith and Pinkett really is the worst bet. Not only are you unlikely to cash in, but even if you do, who could help but feel bad about these two getting divorced? Though the Penns have already filed for divorce, they also filed for withdrawal of those same papers in April of this year.

It is hard to choose among the many possibilities on the list, but you know there is money to be made when the odds on a seasoned divorcee like Lopez are towards the middle of the pack.

Sarah Jessica Parker & Mathew Broderick +850
Will Smith & Jada Pinkett +1000
Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes +600
David Arquette & Courtney Cox +600
Josh Durhamel & Fergie +450
Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopex +500
Pete Wentz & Ashley Simpson +250
Sean Penn & Robin Wright Penn +200

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posted by Mary at 1:29 PM

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